Special editions of Broeders and Dark Roast

6 July 2013

Brewing beer is all about creation. And since we love to keep creating and develop we have made 2 special editions of Broeders and Dark Roast. These beers will be available on the festivals we will participate in. Do you have idea’s for some experiments, let us know!

Broeders – Amarillo dry hopped

Broeders normally is brewed with German hops only, all are used in the brewing process – during boil for bitterness and right after boil for aroma and fruitiness. In this special edition we have fermented a part of the last Broeders batch seperately and added the American Amarillo hop to the it.

Amarillo adds a distinct fresh citrus falvour to this special edition of Broeders.

Because of the small scale of this special brewm this beer is only available on keg and it ain’t ‘centrifuged’ – meaning it is a hazy beer in your glass.

Amarillo Dry hopped launched at the Tilburse bierfestival last week and will be with us for the next festivals too.

Dark Roast – Oak Aged

Dark beer and oak – a golden combinatin. This beer is still maturing as we speak and is, just like Broeders, detracted from a bigger brew of Dark Roast. Since it is still maturing we cant give any insight in the exact flavour just yet. We are very enthusiast about this special edition of our coffee stout. Most probably we will be able to serve the first beers at the Nederlandse bierfestival in Delft. In case it needs further maturing, we will serve it on other upcoming events.


In Tilburg the Special edition of Broeders was launched.