Wat is vloeibare hop?

24/04/2024 Brouwerij
Wat is vloeibare hop?

Let’s take a delightful dive into the world of hops! These are not hops the way we have always known them, as hop flowers or pellets, but we are talking about the rising star of the brewing world: liquid hops! Big lager factories have traditionally used liquid hops to add bitterness. Today, we can also use liquid hops for hop aromas. It’s a new kind of hop that has revolutionised the brewing world. Let us tell you the story of this new development. Why not grab a tasty IPA, sit back, and take a plunge into the world of liquid hops!

Liquid hops - a recent addition to the hop scene.

Ah hop! The brewing scene’s flowery rock star, Humulus Lupulus, has been an essential ingredient in beer brewing for centuries. And why? Well, hops ensure that the beer keeps for longer and add delicious aromas, flavours, and bitterness to the beer! They are like a dancing partner for malt. Combined with water, they produce a tasty tango that makes every flavour worthwhile.

So, hop flowers and hop pellets were traditionally used to add some bitterness and aroma to the beer. And now we have liquid hops, with all their vibrant splendour!

Hoppellets zijn samengeperste hopbloemen, vloeibare hop is nog geconcentreerder!

Liquid hops: the hottest dancing partner in the world of brewing.

Let’s bow to the latest arrival on the scene: liquid hops, also known as hop oil or hop extract. For us, and many other brewers, this liquid treat is a magic elixir packed with flavour. Why do we find it so magical?

It is incredibly efficient. As liquid hops are concentrated, you only need a small amount to add loads of aromas and flavours to the beer. These liquid hop products make it extremely easy for us to add even more hop flavour to our beers.

It is extremely consistent. No more flavour fluctuations in hops due to oxidation. Liquid hops retain their flavours all year round and between each batch with great consistency.

Less lifting. No more lugging bags of hop pellets or crates of hop flowers. And as liquid hops are concentrated, they take up less space in a delivery van. This means less transport, which is great news for Mother Nature.

Vloeibare hop kan (net zoals andere vormen van hop) op verschillende momenten in het brouwproces worden toegevoegd!

Liquid hops in the brewing process.

Like other forms of hops, liquid hops can be added at different points in the brewing process!

During boiling. During wort boiling, liquid hops can be added to provide a delicate bitterness.

In the whirlpool. Adding liquid hops to the whirlpool makes for more intense aromas.

During dry-hopping. Once the wort has been put in the tank to eventually become beer, liquid hops may be added to give the beer its exquisite aromas and flavours.

Liquid hops have made their mark on the brewing scene, and it looks like they’re here to stay. Thank goodness! For example, Mosaic’s liquid variant has already given us the ultra-fruity notes in Mosaic Magic. So, thanks to their efficiency, consistency, and flexibility, liquid hops are here to stay. We are looking forward to using them to create many more delicious brews.

In onze foodbar aan de Oudegracht stroomt het eerste bier van de vloeibare hop serie nu uit de tap!

Liquid IPA Series, liquid hops in the spotlight.

If you would like to taste for yourself why we are such huge fans of liquid hops, this is your lucky day! From now on, we are serving the Liquid IPA Series in our Foodbar at Oudegracht. This is a series of IPAs in which we use liquid hops. We will highlight a different hop variety each time, and the first one available is Liquid Galaxy. This hazy, silky NEIPA is full-bodied, has irresistible fruity notes, and brings the magic of liquid hops straight into your glass. Sure, we could go on with superlatives for this beer, but the best thing is to experience it yourself. So visit us at Oudegracht!

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