Where beer…

Our new food bar on the Oudegracht in Utrecht consists of two floors, each with their own experience. In addition, you will find a bar on both floors, each with no less than 20 taps with, in addition to all VandeStreek beers, specials that are only available at our own catering establishments. In addition, there is a regular Utrecht alternating tap and three 'beer geek' taps with special beers from all over the world. To top it all off, we have two tap tables for groups with a great thirst that can be reserved separately.

Upstairs we welcome you in a modern pub. If you take the spiral staircase down, you will end up in our hazy wharf cellar. And for sunny days a lovely terrace located on the Oudegracht.

… meets food

With us you get to know flavors from all over the world, on shared dining boards that match perfectly with our beers.

Rent the place

Are you looking for a unique location in the center of Utrecht for a party, drink or something else fun? Within walking distance of Utrecht Central Station, our food bar can accommodate more than 100 guests. Curious about all the possibilities?