Podjebier Brew-Off! What did we brew?

1 June 2014

When the guys from our favorite Dutch beer podcast asked us to join them in their Brew Off, we immediately said YES! (Read more)
Remy is a big fan of oyster stouts and he drinks them all day long. After a good brainstorm we came to the idea of brewing an oyster stout without using any oysters. Immediately the idea of herring stout popped up, so we put a fresh herring on wodka. On the brewday we went to the fish market in Scheveningen to get some more inspiration. That’s where we came up with the final idea: squid ink stout!
The final recipe of the beer only contains squid ink (no herring!) on top of a very smooth oatmeal stout – we didn’t like the idea of dead herring and wodka, and it didn’t look tasty nor acceptable for health and safety.
Here’s the recipe for 50 liters of Squid Squirt, in case you want to brew it yourself:

  • 60% Pale malt
  • 11% Malted oat
  • 11% Flaked oat
  • 11% Cara Hell
  • 3% Flaked barley
  • 3% Choco malt
  • 1% Carafa III malt
  • Magnum hops for 30 IBU (boil 60 minutes)
  • East Kent Golding hops – 1 gram per liter (flame-out)
  • 2 full tablespoons of squid ink
  • S-04 English Ale Yeast