vandeStreek bier launches IPA for the aware consumer

28 April 2020

VandeStreek bier launches the first Dutch low-calorie IPA. Skinny Dippin’, a 4% abv IPA, contains 99 calories per can. With Skinny Dippin’ vandeStreek bier reacts to the big demand for alternatives for the aware consumer. “This beer is first and foremost a very tasty IPA, because of the 99 calories per can it is a very suitable beer for the aware consumer”, says Ronald van de Streek from vandeStreek bier, “with Skinny Dippin’ we want to offer a choice on...
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vandeStreek shares revenue with hospitality sector

16 April 2020

VandeStreek bier will share a part of the sales turnover from the webshop with bars and restaurants. We want to give the hospitality sector a kickstart when the business can start again. Our webshop customers are the ones who decided which bar or restaurant will get our support. For over a month bars and restaurants are closed down to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. “We suffer from that financially”, says Ronald van de Streek, “but the bars and restaurants...
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Our Bourbon BA Barley Wine is the best barrel aged beer in the Netherlands

3 April 2020

VandeStreek bier won a golden medal at the Dutch Beer Challenge 2020 in the category ‘Barrel Aged’. The Utrecht-based brewery can proudly say that they brewed the best barrel aged beer in the Netherlands. Sander and Ronald van de Streek, the brother who founded the brewery in 2013, are very proud with the golden medal. “Everyday we work really hard, together with our team, to brew and release the best beers. It is nice when a national jury rewards your...
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Flatten the dip: support local and small business

2 April 2020

The measures against the coronavirus will be in force until at least the 20th of May. Because of this a lot of companies will get in financial trouble. In partiular the hospitality sector and companies that depend on the hospitality will see a dip in their revenue. These business will only survive this crises with your help! Let’s flatten the dip.  We are a healthy business. We grow fast and because of that rapid growth, we are not eligible for...
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How can you help vandeStreek during the coronacrisis?

31 March 2020

Since March 15th the Dutch bars and restaurants have to close down to contain the spread of the coronavirus. As a independent brewery, we are affected a lot by that measure. The main part of our beer, we sell to bars and restaurant and we had to close down our own taproom as well. How we will survive this crisis, depends on the duration of it. But you can help to flatten our dip! We would love to tell you...
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