Head Sponsor – Café Theater Festival

20 March 2019

We are proud to say that we are head-sponsor of the Café Theater Festival in Utrecht! During the CTF 28 bars in Utrecht are transformed into the stage for short performances from a generation of inspiring people. Put together your own pub crawl and choose from 250 different shows to be swept away by dance, music-theater, storytelling and everything in between. For this special occasion we brewed a beer called Toitoitoi of which all profits go to this fantastic festival!...
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“MOTOROIL FOR THE SOUL” Four Stroke – Quadruppel

14 October 2018

Hengg, the new quardupel is perfect to cruise through the autumn. A mix between quadrupel and dubbelbock, you could even call it a quadrupelbock!   Four stroke is a full beer that heats you up. Brewed with a traditional Belgian trapist yeast and supported by caramelised aromas, roasted malts and a vanilla finish. Our version to this complex and bitter beer style. We almost start looking forward to the cooler temperatures, add in a nice cigar and life’s pretty good!...
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“COME FLY WITH US!” Zero Gravity – Brut IPA

23 August 2018

Levitate in the clouds with the Zero Gravity Brut India Pale Ale. We know it’s a mouthful, but it’s also amazing!   After the Double, Hazy and super fruity India Pale Ale it’s now time to variation to this list: Brut IPA. The Brut IPA has an extremely dry character by adding a special enzyme which breaks down complex sugars so the yeast can ferment them all. This is a relatively new and innovative technique in the brewing world to...
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5 July 2018

After the Mango Milkshake IPA from last year. We’ve got a ton of inspiration for our new Perzik Abrikoos Milkshake IPA. This India Pale Ale gets the Milkshake name as result of the added lactose sugars, these are not fermented and add a creamy sweetness to the beer. This time we’ve thrown in even more peach and apricot pulp and lactose sugars which has resulted in an equivalent of an 80’s Grease style milkshake. But disguised as a damn good...
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30 June 2018

Jeans, the most versatile piece of clothing. We wear is while brewing, while enjoying the beers with good mates and all the joys of life in between. Together with our favourite jeans brand, Denham Jeans, we’ve done a collab for a label take over and much more!   We’ve put our heads together and came up a lot of cool things: They’ve redesigned our Hop Art IPA label, together we designed special jeans to wear during brewing so we could...
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