“IT’S HAPPY SOUR” Star Gose – Sour Ale

6 March 2018

After brewing our first fruit beer it was time to brew a superstar remake of this traditional German sour beer style. Gose has been brewed in Leipzig and Goslar since the 18th and 19th century. This style was based on spontaneous fermentation and added salt. In the past the wort was exposed to open air, “wild” yeasts and bacteria fell into the beer resulting a sour beer because of them fermenting the sugars. The only problem was that the quality was not constant.


Gose is now back from being away for centuries. But instead of spontaneous fermentation a lactic acid fermentation is done to have control over the process and quality.


To keep the beer drinkable, the sour and salty flavours are present, but not in an extreme amount. Also we’ve added a fair amount of Palisade and Horizon hops for unmistakable aromas of grapefruit, this exquisitely complements the sour character of this beer.


A real taste experience and also with an alcohol percentage (4.0%)!