“CHEERS TO THE NEXT 5 YEARS!” Cheers – Double India Pale Ale

2 May 2018

This Double India Pale Ale is brewed to celebrate 5 years of vandeStreek bier. Being nostalgic is good, but looking forward to the next 5 years is even better. And that’s a reason to give cheers!

We’ve also used 5 hops varieties: Cascade, Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe and Green Bullet. This hop mix gives aromas of spices, orange peel and pine.  Damn tasty right? Cheers!


Double India Pale Ale is a “heavier” variety of the India Pale Ale with more flavour, bitterness and alcohol percentage. The IPA is a beer style which originated in the 17th century when the English sailed to India. The sailors wanted to bring beer with them, but without modern cooling it was hard to keep it fresh for a long period. To not let it spoil, a fair amount of hops was added to it. This style has had a big revival but now lots of aroma hops are used to add exotic and fruity aroma’s to the beer, while there is no fruit added to it.


This batch is filled in aluminium cans. While cans have a bad image in The Netherlands, it actually is better for the beer quality. The beer keeps its freshness and stays super tasty much longer because aluminium blocks all (sun)light and air.