Introduction: Playground series!

24 February 2016

Playground-series-logo In de Playground series we brew beers originating in our playground: the brewery! Recipes first came to our mind while sitting on a rocking horse, improved them gliding down the slide and tasted the first sip it in the little wooden house – that’s what kind of serie we are talking about. In the Playground series we wil try new hop varieties, barrel age some, search for the limits of what beer is, add some spices, the crazier the better.  

We already started brewing and this is in the tanks now: 
Playground IPA: We will start with a powerful, 6% IPA. Not powerful in bitterness, no, the hoparoma is king in this one. With one of our new favourite hops – Mosaic – in a main position this might just be the most thirst quencing IPA ever.
Playground Barrel Aged RIS: For a while now a big fat RIS of 11% is aging away in some Scottish wooden goodness. After our barrel projects with wine barrels in 2014 and 2015 this will be the first Whisky Barrel Aged beer from our hand!