This year we take you into our world; into our Playground! We tell you everything about our non alcoholic beers, including the Playground IPA, Grapefruit IPA and the Fun House NEIPA. Find out how we started brewing non alcoholic beers and how it changed our brewery. Jamie also tells you all about the recognizable artwork on the Playground IPA and how he tackles the design process.

But don’t let us tell you everything! Experts in the gastronomy business and beer world tell you why they are big fans of the Playground IPA and maybe they’ll even have some good tips on what to serve it with! In short, enjoy everything around Delicious Dry non alcoholic beer. Don’t forget to follow the new non alcoholic Instagram channel @Playground_beers to give your timeline even more color!



Look tasteful with these Playground socks! Perfect for the summer festivals or when headed into your own personal playground. One size fits most.



We’ve packed as much flavor as possible and as little alcohol as possible into this award-winning IPA. The low alcohol content is achieved by using a unique type of yeast.


New England IPA

A tin full of flavor and fun! Fun House is a non-bitter, yet fruity and flavorful – non alcoholic – New England IPA for anyone who likes to have a good time.


Fruit IPA

This beer brings together the fruity flavors of the hops with grapefruit. The tangy and refreshing fruit pairs perfectly with the bitterness of this IPA. Awarded with a bronze medal at the Brussels Beer Challenge 2021 and a gold medal at the Dutch Beer Challenge 2021!

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