We are opening our taproom

19 September 2019

Do you remember? Two and a half years ago we opened our brewery in Utrecht. Now we’ve got a new reason to throw a party. On the 11th and 12th of October we are opening our taproom! 

Ever since we opened the brewery in 2017, we’ve had the plans to open a taproom at the brewery. Now we are really doing it, we have a unique location in this part of Utrecht for a craftbeer, a snack and a boardgame.

Proeflokaal vandeStreek                  Proeflokaal vandeStreek

What you can expect of our taproom? A well filled gamescabinet, barfood and off course a lot of really tasty beer. Mostly fresh beer! Because we can tap beer that was in a tank just an hour before. We’ve got our inspiration during our trip to America last year. Almost every craftbrewery as a taproom where you can drink beer while looking at the kettles they are brewed in. That’s something we wanted as well.

We are also going to give a brewerytour every saturday. You can already book one at our special Taproom-page. 

Proeflokaal vandeStreek                    Proeflokaal vandeStreek

Opening Weekend

At the 11th and 12th of October we are celebrating the opening of our taproom. During this weekend you can be the first one to see how the beer flows out of one of our sixteen taps. Both days we will have a XXL-game-corner, DJ’s and all the visitors will collectively design a new vandeStreek-label.

Friday we start at 4PM, saturday at 1PM. Let us know if you will come!