vandeStreek continues after flash crowdfunding

29/08/2022 Oudegracht
vandeStreek continues after flash crowdfunding

The crowdfunding for vandeStreek Oudegracht reached the maximum amount of €125,000 within 8 hours after the announcement. To give people who fall by the wayside a chance to become a crowdfunder, they are reopening the crowdfunding for vandeStreek Oudegracht!

The expectation for the campaign to fill up was initially 2 to 4 weeks, but the crowdfunding was already paid up by a total of 148 crowdfunders on the first day. In the first phase, the entrepreneurs mainly wanted to appeal to their own network, but because the campaign was picked up by the press, it was immediately decided on Friday afternoon to actually launch it.

“Our mailbox has really exploded with people who would like to help realize vandeStreek Oudegracht. That is why we make it possible to become a crowdfunder through pre-sale,” says Sander van de Streek, one of the brothers behind the Utrecht brewery.

To give everyone a chance, vandeStreek bier is opening a crowdfunding pre-sale at The extra income from this campaign will be used to improve the quality of the decoration and finish and it will enable the refurbishment of the toilet group.

“From Friday afternoon, when our mailing was out and the news was on all our socials, we spent the entire time refreshing our phone.” Says Ronald Lentz, co-owner of vandeStreek Oudegracht. “Initially we were surprised at the pace but still estimated the total running time at one week.”

The crowdfunding has been opened for the opening of vandeStreek Oudegracht, a new food bar of the Utrecht brewery, in the building where La Grotta served Utrecht with Italian specialties for 42 years.

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