vandeStreek opens crowdfunding for food bar on the Oudegracht

26/08/2022 Oudegracht

The Utrecht brewers are planning to open a food bar at Oudegracht 50 at the end of this year. Opening a location at Oudegracht is a dream come true. The tasting room at the brewery will also remain open for tastings, tours and food.

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Enterprising business leaders Lukas Ausems and Ronald Lentz have been running the tasting room on Ontariodreef since its reopening in February. These men will also run the new location.

“Since the opening of the vandeStreek tasting room in 2019, there has been a desire to also have a more centrally located catering establishment in a real Utrecht wharf cellar. This dream has now been fulfilled with the purchase of a building on the Oudegracht, where the Italian La Grotta used to be located and last year Grand Café Lekker Cozy.” says Ronald Lentz.

Beer is of course central, but the kitchen will also play an important role. Both bars will have 20 taps and the kitchen will prepare dishes that match the beers with inspiration from all over the world.

"You can come to us for tastings with a detailed explanation of the beers, and the menu is filled with dishes that both lay a foundation and go well with the tapped beers." says Lukas Ausems. He continues: “Upstairs, on the street, we set it up as a modern brown café where you can order delicious drinks and the host or hostess will take you on an adventure. Just like vandeStreek, the wharf cellar will be very colorful and you are welcome there for a dinner or a party.”

To really take the bar to the next level, vandeStreek has started a crowdfunding campaign via CrowdAboutNow. Support the action and invest in this new hotspot! campagnes/vandestreek

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