Bock beer boring? With these 5 bock beers you can adjust your opinion!

Bock beer boring? With these 5 bock beers you can adjust your opinion!

Bock beer, you know it - those sweet brown specialty beers that your father comes up with every year. But did you know that bock beer can also be interesting? The craft brewers of the Netherlands have a little brother to all that sweet stuff, so it seems in a tour of 5 proud bock beer breweries.

Blackbock – vandeStreek

“Down with the sweet bocks” these brewers like to shout, calling on everyone to drink the Blackbock – a bock beer that leaves sweet caramel behind and adds a hint of porter/ stout to this oh so tasty autumn beer.

Bock Bruléé – Two chefs brewing

Fortunately, we can go out again because this beer is only filled in kegs by the two former chefs from Amsterdam. But if you see it on the tap list you have to be quick - it really does fly off tap because it's the perfect balance of sweet, bitter and of course creaminess!

All the leaves are brown – X-brewing

A bock beer with tarragon – how do you come up with it? This golden grip comes from Eva ten Haaf, owner and brewer at X-brewing. After the successful completion of their crowdfunding campaign, this brewery is about to open its own brewery in Katwijk. Can't find this beer in your local liquor store? Then check out the drink package of the genius podcast Fuck Wine - it's in there.

Evening red – Stadsbrouwhuis Broer & Zus

One of the most beautiful things about bock beer is its ruby ​​red color and nothing says it better than the word 'evening red'. A reasonably traditionally brewed bock beer, but with considerable influences from the hops. The nice thing about Broer en Zus is that you can visit them, because brewing takes place in the tasting room.

Cinnamon Weizenbock To Drink? – Bax beer

In the far North they had to think for a moment what they would call the bock beer this year. In any case, the name has been chosen more tastefully than that of its predecessor “Oma's plum”. So this year they started working with Cinnamon at Bax and that works surprisingly well!

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