Make your own beer cocktail

Make your own beer cocktail

With the sun shining on your head, you occasionally feel like something other than beer. Then a fresh and fruity beer cocktail is the drink to enjoy.

A cocktail is no longer something you drink in expensive cafes with a suit on. And not necessarily with alcohol either. Everyone knows the Snow White and the Radler by now, but there is much more possible in the world of beer cocktails. Especially now that beers themselves are becoming more and more pronounced in terms of flavors, such as the Hazy Weekend with lots of tropical fruit tones, it is great fun to experiment with different ingredients to find a cocktail that perfectly suits your taste.

Camping proof

A beer cocktail is something that anyone can easily make themselves and for which you don't really need much more than your normal kitchen utensils. Of course it is nice to have a real shaker, a cocktail spoon and beautiful cocktail glasses, but for camping you can easily get by by simply stirring well with your regular spoon in your beer glass, because you will of course have that with you. However?


Important in every beer cocktail is ice. Lots of ice. The more ice you use, the slower it will melt, so your cocktail won't get watered down before you've finished it.

Got thirsty? We'll get you started with some of our favorite recipes for this summer!


10ml Simple syrup (sugar water)
30ml Brothers
30ml Irish Weekend
30ml lime juice


30ml Bourbon or dark rum
½ Can of Hazy Weekend
½ bottle of ginger beer
30ml lime juice


30ml elderflower syrup
½ Can of Grapefruit Non Alcoholic IPA
½ bottle of tonic
15ml lime juice
Mint leaves


80ml Vodka
40cl Tomato juice
1 Can of Hop Art
celery salt
15ml lime juice
1 tbsp HP Sauce and ½ tbsp Tabasco

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