Turf 'n Surf

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A creamy tripel with a hint of smoke and sea salt.

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Alcohol by volume

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The story

Turf 'n Surf

In this creamy triple, land and sea come together in the background in the form of Smoke and Sea Salt. We love both so be kind to Land and Sea! The malt in this beer is peat-smoked for 1%, just as you might know from smoky whisky. The smoke works in this beer as a seasoning and flavor enhancer and is in perfect balance with the full taste of the tripel and the sea salt. If you drink Turf 'n Surf cold from the fridge, it is slightly salty, while drinking the beer warms up and the subtle smoke slowly rises. This change of character also makes the beer culinary interesting. This tripel was created when Ronald suggested to Sander that he wanted to brew a tripel. Sander was not immediately a fan of that idea, so the brothers decided to spend an evening in Utrecht and only drink tripels. After a few rounds it became clear that there were enough boring triples and a 'vandeStreek' twist was needed. Because the last café where they ended up still had salt and pepper on the table, the idea of ​​salt was quickly born. After a first sip, Ronald walked to the bar to order a nice smoked Islay whisky. With a few drops in the glass, the first prototype for Turf 'n Surf was born.