Non Alcoholic IPA


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We brew the most awarded Non Alcoholic IPA in the world, Playground! A lot of flavor because while brewing our low-alcohol beers, our techniques do not remove anything from it, but only add it.

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Alcohol by volume

ABV is the alcohol percentage of beer. ABV stands for 'Alcohol By Volume' expressed as a percentage.



European Brewery Convention

EBC is the color of beer. EBC stands for European Brewers Convention. The scale ranges from yellow (10) to red (25) to black (>70).



International Bitterness Unit

IBU is the bitterness of beer. Dutch pilsner is approximately 15-20 IBU, while a West Coast IPA can quickly reach 60 IBU. IBU is always in proportion to the alcohol percentage of the beer, so a heavy beer with high IBU can still taste sweet because the maltiness overpowers the bitterness.

The story


This is the most awarded Non Alcoholic IPA in the world; playground! Originated as a one-off special in an innovative series of beers. During a period of family expansion at Sander and Ronald's home, they wondered, among other things, why no one used American hops in low-alcohol beer. That's why we went looking for the best ingredients, brewing techniques and we learned from our German colleagues. We came up with a completely new recipe with a unique yeast that barely converts sugars into alcohol, special malts that provide the body in combination with the tastiest American hops. The taste of our Playground Non Alcoholic IPA is full of peach and fresh citrus fruits. It is a beer with a large body which ensures a round bitter mouthfeel. Playground symbolizes what the brewery is to us – a playground. In our brewery we get to play every day with ingredients, machines, each other and last but not least; forklifts!

Nutritional values

Per 100ml
66kJ (16 kcal)
<0,3 g
of which saturated
0 g
3,1 g
of which sugars
2,5 g
<0,5 g
0 g