Seven reasons to work at a brewery!

Seven reasons to work at a brewery!

Working at a brewery is something that may not immediately occur to you, but it is not that crazy at all. Busy all day with everything around beer. Whether it concerns brewing, packaging or selling: everyone in the brewery enthusiastically contributes to the greater goal of making people happy with beautiful beer. We give you seven reasons why you should really work at a brewery.

1. More professional than you might think

Craft breweries are well past the stage of home brewing in pots and pans. Professional brewhouses, advanced filling lines and an office filled with skilled staff are what you see in breweries today. No hobby work, but a professional branch of sport. And what kind!

2. Work on enjoyment

How cool is it to participate in a product that gives pleasure and pleasure to so many people. At the brewery you make beer that wants to be drunk. Beer that people queue for, on tap in pubs and at festivals. Beer that puts a smile on the faces of those who smell it, taste it, enjoy it. We even get fan mail!

3. Your chance to switch sectors

Tired of selling diapers? Tired of producing sliding door hinges? Can you no longer wear insurance? Get started with a product that does get you excited and that gives you pleasure every time. It's never too late for a nice switch!

4. Working in a brewery is an experience

The Droomvlucht but for adults! Walking into a brewery is enjoying the smell, the rows of kettles where magic potion is brewed and there is no better place for Friday afternoon drinks than in the middle of the brewery! Cheers with colleagues to another good week and enjoy all the freshly brewed beer you contributed to!

5. Working with cool people

Remember that everyone who works in a brewery is working on that fun and enjoyment. A diverse team with all kinds of specialisms, from brewers to fillers, from process technologists to marketers, from forklift drivers to salespeople. In addition, working at a brewery is often a conscious choice, because you love the end product. So you can count on working with all enthusiasts!

6. Innovative working environment

Things change rapidly within the beer world, from experimenting with new ingredients, to working with new technology to package the beer, to responding to the latest trends to sell the beer. You keep developing and learning new things every day!

7. Last, but not least: underfills

It's annoying, but sometimes the cans are not filled optimally. We don't want to sell those not completely full cans (underfills), so what do you do with them? Chill and drink yourself of course! Enjoy together after a nice day at work and take some home in the fridge. It's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it!

We could make the list much longer, of course, but the point should be clear by now. Working at a brewery is definitely a great experience! Have you become enthusiastic and would you love to work at vandeStreek beer? Then take a look at our vacancies and who knows, you may soon be part of our fantastic world!

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