Punkrock NEIPA, John Coffey x vandeStreek bier!

17/08/2023 Brouwerij
Punkrock NEIPA, John Coffey x vandeStreek bier!

Punk rockers and beer enthusiasts, brace yourselves for this awesome story about an incredible collaboration that made our hearts race and rocked our taste buds. So, get ready, and let's rock!

It all started when we discovered that John Coffey, one of our favorite bands, was also a fan of ours! Honestly, we were a little starstruck. But it gets even better! After a few years' hiatus, the guys, following a wild night of beer drinking at our tasting room, came to the epic conclusion that they were going to pick up their guitars, drumsticks, and microphones again and hit the stage once more. That night, we had a piece of paper hanging up for anyone to doodle on with the intention of turning it into a label (which eventually turned out so ugly that nothing was done with it). The five men signed it to make the comeback official, and it was on, John Coffey was back!

John Coffey met hun eigen bier!

When we heard that there was also going to be a new album called 'Four,' we just knew it. This was the moment when our paths had to cross again, and a legendary collaboration had to take place! We wanted to celebrate John Coffey's new album 'Four' with a beer that was just as crazy as their music. And that's how our lovechild was born: the Punkrock NEIPA Four!

Imagine an explosion of hoppy fun with a hint of rebellion. That's what our Punkrock NEIPA has become. We wanted to capture the raw energy of punk rock and blend it with the hazy vibes of a New England IPA. And damn, we nailed it, if we do say so ourselves. The result is a brew that makes the hearts of music lovers and beer enthusiasts beat faster!

John Coffey Punk Rock NEIPA

And now that John Coffey is back in full swing, it's time to mosh like crazy! They're tearing it up this year at Lowlands and hosting their biggest show ever at AFAS Live on December 16th. To celebrate, we've tagged five cans of Four with a golden ticket. Five cans that will take you and a friend straight to the mosh pit at AFAS Live! How cool is that?

Vind een gouden ticket op je blik en ga naar de AFAS show van John Coffey!

So whether you're a music enthusiast, a John Coffey fan, a punk rocker, or a beer lover, make sure to taste that Punkrock NEIPA while you're rocking out to the new album. Oh, and don't forget to keep an eye out for that golden ticket, of course!

Order the beer quickly through the online shop because there isn't much available!

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