Mango Beer, what would you eat with that?

Mango Beer, what would you eat with that?

Mango beer and food are a perfect match; they are like an inseparable duo that also reinforce each other. The beer’s sweet and fruity notes embrace the food’s flavours, taking them to the next level. Mango beer carries an exotic flair that sweeps across your taste buds, giving you a delightfully fruity experience. From savoury dishes to sweet desserts, mango beer enhances any meal with a cheeky and playful dimension. Let us take you through the world of mango beer food pairing.

Mango Beer food pairing

What flavours go well with mango beer?

There is no room for restraint in this world. Mango beer pairs perfectly with a wide range of dishes, blowing away your taste buds. It is a perfect match for spicy dishes and distinct flavours. The beer’s sweet and fruity notes add intensity and vibrancy to these flavours.

What food goes well with mango beer?

Rest assured, mango beer food pairing isn’t for the faint-hearted. It will challenge you to shift your boundaries and tempt you to play with fire. For example, you can start your meal with a fresh mango salsa with tortilla chips followed by a spicy mango chicken salad providing a nice kick. Grilled chicken or prawns will always be a hit when paired with the mango beer’s fruity and sweet notes. Try it with spicy dishes such as Thai Green Curry or Mexican Enchiladas. Discover how the spiciness of the dishes and the beer’s fresh sweetness enhance each other. If you really want to pull out all the stops, try a mango cheesecake that pairs perfectly with our latest beer: Gold Mango Winner

Mango beer food pairing

If you want to go summery and have time to prepare it, you should try Gold Mango Winner with prawns or crab. For example, make a delicious mango gazpacho topped with fresh crab or grilled prawns in a mango-lime sauce.

Above all, let’s not forget the sweet treats. Mango beer is the perfect companion for desserts that make anyone with a sweet tooth’s heart beat faster. Think of a silky mango panna cotta that will elevate the beer’s fruity and sweet notes to even higher levels, or a mango lime pie with a great crust.

Mango beer over drinks

Of course, when it comes to drinks, it’s all about relaxation, socialising, and enjoyment. And a tropical cheese board is an excellent match for mango beer. Create a wonderful mix of cheeses, such as young cheese, brie, and goat’s cheese, and serve them with fresh mango and grapes. The cheeses’ creaminess and saltiness work superbly with the fruit’s sweet flavours, accentuating the beer’s fruitiness. Looking for something warming to accompany mango beer over drinks? Then go for spicy fried finger foods or crispy (mini) spring rolls with chilli sauce. Or let loose and make some delicious spicy chicken wings! 

Mango beer food pairing

Dare to experiment! Mango beer is perfectly suited to accompany terrific dishes to create a taste experience you won’t easily forget. Most importantly, be cheeky and don’t always go for the safest option and let yourself be surprised! So order a few cans of Gold Mango Winner now and start your culinary adventure in the world of mango beer food-pairing!

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