East West Coast IPA

Cheers to the Next 10 Years

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A robust double IPA brewed in celebration of our ten-year anniversary! A beer featuring a whopping six different hop varieties and Phantasm powder, which accentuates the hop aromas even further.

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Alcohol by volume

ABV is the alcohol percentage of beer. ABV stands for 'Alcohol By Volume' expressed as a percentage.



European Brewery Convention

EBC is the color of beer. EBC stands for European Brewers Convention. The scale ranges from yellow (10) to red (25) to black (>70).



International Bitterness Unit

IBU is the bitterness of beer. Dutch pilsner is approximately 15-20 IBU, while a West Coast IPA can quickly reach 60 IBU. IBU is always in proportion to the alcohol percentage of the beer, so a heavy beer with high IBU can still taste sweet because the maltiness overpowers the bitterness.

The story

Cheers to the Next 10 Years

Celebrating a ten-year anniversary as a brewery wouldn't be complete without crafting a special beer for the occasion. In honor of this milestone, we've brewed the 'Cheers to the Next 10 Years' - a double IPA featuring a blend of six distinct hop varieties and Phantasm powder to enhance the hop flavors in the beer. As a delightful finishing touch, we've employed an experimental yeast that further accentuates the aromas in the brew.

In essence, it's a beer that no enthusiast should miss out on! To cater to a variety of preferences, we're releasing the beer in 33cl cans, 44cl enjoyment cans, and of course, on tap. Join us in raising a toast to our ten-year journey!