vandeStreek shares revenue with hospitality sector

16 April 2020

VandeStreek bier will share a part of the sales turnover from the webshop with bars and restaurants. We want to give the hospitality sector a kickstart when the business can start again. Our webshop customers are the ones who decided which bar or restaurant will get our support.

For over a month bars and restaurants are closed down to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. “We suffer from that financially”, says Ronald van de Streek, “but the bars and restaurants who serve our beer, will suffer even harder”. Ronald: “We still have our sales to retail. Also the revenue of our webshop increased tremendously the past month, because the consumers know how to find local business online.

Foto Ron Hendriks








That’s why we decided to convert a part of our webshop revenue into beer for de hospitality sector. Ronald: “In our own way we can give bars and restaurants a kickstart. We will give them, the day they can open for public again, fresh beer which they can sell without having any costst”. The ammount of beer that will be donated equals 10% of the webshop revenue.

You, our webshop customer, are the one who decides which business we will help. In the webshop checkout you can tell us which bar in which city you want to support with your purchase. “We don’t care if that business already serves our beer, the most important thing is that together we can keep the hospitalitybusiness running”