In the tank: GlobAle

5 December 2014
GlobAle, a collaboration with 7 international craft breweries

GlobAle, a collab with 7 international breweries

A few months ago on a sunny terras in Amserdam, together with Sebastian Mergel from de Bier Fabrik from Berlin we brewed up the idea of starting a collaboration through the association we both are members of – GACBB (Global Association Craft Beer Brewers). Before we knew it, the idea was online and brewer friends started to think along for this project.

The result is GlobAle, a collab with Bier Fabrik, Elysian, Triggerfish, Lucky Bastard, Browar Ninkasi, Hort de Barret and of course vandeStreek bier. Everybody brews the same recipe with the exact same ingredients. However we wouldnt be brewers if we didnt put in a variation for all of us – we all brew with a yeast of our own choice!

We have chosen Califorian Lager yeast, the yeast to brew a steam beer with. We chose this yeast because we just love California Commons and we really want to get to know this strain.

GlobAle will be (limited) available from the end of February onwards.