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RISky Business Chocolate Stout

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What do you get when you put all the flavors of a chocolate cake in an imperial stout? This beer!

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Alcohol by volume

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The story

RISky Business Chocolate Stout

RISky business itself is a thick, creamy and full-bodied beer. This is because it is a so-called 'double mash' imperial stout. We mash the beer twice to get more sugars in the wort. Not all of these sugars ferment, so we end up with a sweeter, fuller, thicker beer – even after fermentation. We brewed this version of the RISky business with chocolate and vanilla as seasonings to create an experience like drinking a liquid brownie. Did you know that we spend 2 days brewing RISky business? We mash the first time before we go home, so that we can immediately start with the second mash in the morning. If all goes well, we will have finished brewing this Double Mash Stout at the end of the day.