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Man Man Man the Road Trip

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Alcohol by volume

ABV is the alcohol percentage of beer. ABV stands for 'Alcohol By Volume' expressed as a percentage.



European Brewery Convention

EBC is the color of beer. EBC stands for European Brewers Convention. The scale ranges from yellow (10) to red (25) to black (>70).



International Bitterness Unit

IBU is the bitterness of beer. Dutch pilsner is approximately 15-20 IBU, while a West Coast IPA can quickly reach 60 IBU. IBU is always in proportion to the alcohol percentage of the beer, so a heavy beer with high IBU can still taste sweet because the maltiness overpowers the bitterness.

The story

Man Man Man the Road Trip

Hét roadtrip bier gebrouwen samen met Bas, Chris en Domien van 'Man Man Man de Podcast'. Leuk voor mannen én vrouwen!