Oops we did it again! FRUIT MACHINE 0,5%

11 July 2019

Get ready for the introduction of a new 0,5% beer: FRUIT MACHINE. Fruit Machine is a bright pink beer which we brewed with raspberries and blueberries to get a nice fruity result. So we brewed this fresh-sour pink fruitbomb with raspberry and blueberry. It contains almost no alcohol but a lot of taste! After “Playground” and “Bock jij of Bock ik?” the moment came to experiment with new Non-Alcohol beers. We brewed FRUIT MACHINE with a with a new and...
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Utrecht Beer Fest

22 May 2019

Last weekend we organised the Utrecht Bier Fest and it was a great succes! Together with de Leckere, Maximus, Oproer, Eleven and De Kromme Haring we could drink the best beers and all of this was accompanied by food from Kloek, de Sausageborthers and Oudwijkercheese. This year UBF was at the Vrijhaven, an artists enclave near the trainstation Zuilen, a nice location with an industrial look which is really suitable for beerlovers. Do we see you next year?


23 April 2019

Gingerbeer is something you probably know from that sweet lemonade, but that is about to change!   Gemberneutraal (Gingerneutral) is a real beer filled with ginger, lemongras and a hint of red pepper. Suprisingly refreshing for on the terras and a nice change of pace during al the hoppy madness the last few weeks. With its 3,5% ABV it is a nice drinkable beer and a real quenching drink during the warm holidays. Do you dare to go gemberneutraal?

Yes we CAN!

19 April 2019

Splash was such a succes last year in kegs that we brewed it again this spring an this time he is also available on can. Cans are better for the flavor of the beer as they keep all the light out, which could influence the taste of the beer. Cans are also better for recycling. So many advantages and a tight look made the decision to put something in cans again really easy. This beer has been brewed with Sovereign...
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DDH Galaxy

11 April 2019

In America we have gained a lot of inspiration and the idea for a new beer: Double Dry Hopped Galaxy IPA Dry Hopping means that we do not cook the hop during brewing but instead it is added a few days later in the tanks. This gives the beer not the bitterness of the hops but it does transfer its nice fresh and aromatic hoppy flavour. At the end we don’t separate all the hops out of the beer so you...
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Fill up

11 April 2019

This week Sander and Ronald went to China to inspect the production of the new tanks. The new addition looked stunning so in a few more months these monsters are going to be in the brewery as wel. More tanks = more beer!

Head Sponsor – Café Theater Festival

20 March 2019

We are proud to say that we are head-sponsor of the Café Theater Festival in Utrecht! During the CTF 28 bars in Utrecht are transformed into the stage for short performances from a generation of inspiring people. Put together your own pub crawl and choose from 250 different shows to be swept away by dance, music-theater, storytelling and everything in between. For this special occasion we brewed a beer called Toitoitoi of which all profits go to this fantastic festival!...
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Full Steam ahead with Gulpener!!

13 March 2019

Last Friday we finally where able to bring the first keg of our ‘Op Stoom’ (On Steam) beer to Camping Ganspoort. But we only did this after we brought the keg with a steam tractor from the brewery to the camping! This beer was a collaboration with Gulpener which not only brought us knowledge but als new friends and an amazing beer. With the lager yeast from Gulpener we brewed a real California Steam beer on 18 degrees Celsius. This...
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“MOTOROIL FOR THE SOUL” Four Stroke – Quadruppel

14 October 2018

Hengg, the new quardupel is perfect to cruise through the autumn. A mix between quadrupel and dubbelbock, you could even call it a quadrupelbock!   Four stroke is a full beer that heats you up. Brewed with a traditional Belgian trapist yeast and supported by caramelised aromas, roasted malts and a vanilla finish. Our version to this complex and bitter beer style. We almost start looking forward to the cooler temperatures, add in a nice cigar and life’s pretty good!...
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“COME FLY WITH US!” Zero Gravity – Brut IPA

23 August 2018

Levitate in the clouds with the Zero Gravity Brut India Pale Ale. We know it’s a mouthful, but it’s also amazing!   After the Double, Hazy and super fruity India Pale Ale it’s now time to variation to this list: Brut IPA. The Brut IPA has an extremely dry character by adding a special enzyme which breaks down complex sugars so the yeast can ferment them all. This is a relatively new and innovative technique in the brewing world to...
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