“COME FLY WITH US!” Zero Gravity – Brut IPA

23 August 2018

Levitate in the clouds with the Zero Gravity Brut India Pale Ale. We know it’s a mouthful, but it’s also amazing!   After the Double, Hazy and super fruity India Pale Ale it’s now time to variation to this list: Brut IPA. The Brut IPA has an extremely dry character by adding a special enzyme which breaks down complex sugars so the yeast can ferment them all. This is a relatively new and innovative technique in the brewing world to...
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5 July 2018

After the Mango Milkshake IPA from last year. We’ve got a ton of inspiration for our new Perzik Abrikoos Milkshake IPA. This India Pale Ale gets the Milkshake name as result of the added lactose sugars, these are not fermented and add a creamy sweetness to the beer. This time we’ve thrown in even more peach and apricot pulp and lactose sugars which has resulted in an equivalent of an 80’s Grease style milkshake. But disguised as a damn good...
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30 June 2018

Jeans, the most versatile piece of clothing. We wear is while brewing, while enjoying the beers with good mates and all the joys of life in between. Together with our favourite jeans brand, Denham Jeans, we’ve done a collab for a label take over and much more!   We’ve put our heads together and came up a lot of cool things: They’ve redesigned our Hop Art IPA label, together we designed special jeans to wear during brewing so we could...
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“THANK YOU ALL!” It was an amazing party!

20 May 2018

We haven’t fully recovered yet, but it was amazing! Thank you everyone for coming by and party with us.   We have enjoyed your company, the beers, the foods, hanging around (literally), printing shirts and much more.   See you soon! -Team vandeStreek


15 May 2018

It was an amazing party week during the 5-year anniversary of the brewery! We were fortunate enough to brew this V-IPA with our VIP-customers. A New-England India Pale Ale bombed and dry hopped with Waimea, Rakau and Wakatu hops from New-Zealand. Together the a creamy and hazy New-England yeast a beer has come out filled with super fresh tastes, very fruity aroma’s and a nice citrus fruit bitter.   New-England IPA is a beer style which is the complete opposite...
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“LET’S GET THE PARTY STARTED!” 5-year anniversary of vandeStreek bier

10 May 2018

It’s time for a big party people, it’s the 5-year anniversary of our brewery and we want to share it with all of you! Visit us on Friday and Saturday 18 & 19 May for two days of tasty beers, music, good food and cool activities.   We of course open our tap with a huge assortment of our beers consisting of the fixed assortment and exclusive (barrel aged) specials. Specially for this event we’ve brewed a couple new beers...
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3 May 2018

This beer only has one hops in the spotlight: the American Mosaic hops; a variety with an huge amount of aroma’s, flavours and layers. We did not only use this hop during the brewing process to add a fair amount of bitters, but also used a bulk of it during the dry hopping.   Dry hopping is a could infusion method during the lagering of the beer. By adding the hops in this stage the fruity and floral aromas are...
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“CHEERS TO THE NEXT 5 YEARS!” Cheers – Double India Pale Ale

2 May 2018

This Double India Pale Ale is brewed to celebrate 5 years of vandeStreek bier. Being nostalgic is good, but looking forward to the next 5 years is even better. And that’s a reason to give cheers! We’ve also used 5 hops varieties: Cascade, Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe and Green Bullet. This hop mix gives aromas of spices, orange peel and pine.  Damn tasty right? Cheers!   Double India Pale Ale is a “heavier” variety of the India Pale Ale with more...
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“GO AHEAD, TAKE THE RISK” RISky Business – Russian Imperial Stout

2 May 2018

Who would have expected such a great outcome, two brother that started brewing in a small kitchen in 2010 would end up in a huge brewery with an arsenal of beers and tastes. To celebrate 5 years of the brewery we’ve brewed three new beers, among them this Russian Imperial Stout.   RISky Business is a black stout of 13% alc. vol. for which the Russian Tsar would even bow for. Filled with aromas of chocolate, caramel, blue berries and...
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“YES WE CAN” Craft beer in can

1 May 2018

For the 5th anniversary we’ve filled our specials in aluminium cans. While cans have a bad image in The Netherlands, it actually is better for the beer quality. The beer keeps its freshness and stays super tasty much longer because aluminium blocks all (sun)light and air. It’s also a more sustainable packaging, less and lighter packing material is used and the product is kept fresh longer.   Big craft beer breweries over the whole world use this packaging material for...
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