Podjebier #Brewoff – What’s that?

19 December 2013

Podjebier is a monthly Podcast in which four man discuss the beers they brought along. On its own a rather boring concept however these guys always know how to present it in a delightful way making it a nice hour of internet radio for  beer geeks and lovers alike. (That is if you can handle others opions without saying anything back.)

To get more depth in the shows and hopefully also more depth in future beer tasting the four guys will all brew their own beer in the coming months. They will do so together with Dutch brewers. What they will brew is completely open and since these guys are real connoisseurs we should expect some proper creative brews from this Brew off.


"3 Broers" na een geslaagde brouwdag

“3 Brothers” after a succesful day of brewing

We are part of Team Remstra, together with Remy Wigmans. Remy has a deep rooted love for stous and a special crave for the Oysterstout of the ‘Scheldebrouwerij”. This makes us a very stong team because our first own recipe was a stout and we are used to experiments with weird ingredients (garlic, red pepper, grass and black pepper).

After an intensive brainstorm we have though up a great concept of which we have brewed the first test batch by now. The concept includes the northsea, that has been announced in the announcement of the Brew Off on the latest Podjebier podcast – What our special ingredient is? Stay tuned to learn more!

The brewoff will be celebrated with a beery gethering in May, where all creations can be tasted!
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Sander & Ronald