Our launch at the Utrechtse Bierbrouwersfestival

6 May 2013

Since the beginning of this year a new Dutch brewery has started. Sander and Ronald van de Streek have started “vandeStreek bier”. On the 11th of May, during the yearly beerfest in Utrecht they will present themselves with two new beers.

The wheat ale “Broeders” is a real thirst killer. A fresh hoppy wheat ale brewed with only organic ingredients. Next to this beer, ‘Dark Roast’ will also be presented – a powerful, dark beer packed with flavour. This beer thanks its delicious taste to coffee among which is used in the brewing process.

The ‘van de Streek’ brothers are not completely new in the world of brewers, for the past three years they have been brewing at home. Sander, the oldest brother adds: “As a home brewer you are able to use a wide range of ingredients and techniques which has taught us a lot. We brew everything from pilseners to Weizens, Stouts and IPA’s.

Flessen met zon

The start of vandeStreek beer had been made possible with the help of a crowdfunding campaign. By selling their beers in advance to enhusiastic friends, family and collegues part of the start capital has been collected. Ronald comments: “Many friends are enhusiastic about our beers, so we have made them pay for it. However this gives us 93 expectation to fulfil.”

Lastly, the agenda is filling rapidly: later this month (23-25 May) vandeStreek beer will be at the “Nederlands Bierproeffestival in The Hague” during the Week of the Dutch beer.