Our Bourbon BA Barley Wine is the best barrel aged beer in the Netherlands

3 April 2020

VandeStreek bier won a golden medal at the Dutch Beer Challenge 2020 in the category ‘Barrel Aged’. The Utrecht-based brewery can proudly say that they brewed the best barrel aged beer in the Netherlands.

Sander and Ronald van de Streek, the brother who founded the brewery in 2013, are very proud with the golden medal. “Everyday we work really hard, together with our team, to brew and release the best beers. It is nice when a national jury rewards your hard work”, says Ronald. The award winning beer is the Bourbon Barrel Aged Barley Wine. Sander explains: “Regularly we let some of our beers age on old whisky barrels. This process gives extra flavours and depth to the beer. We were very pleased with how our Bourbon BA Barley Wine turned out”.

The brothers won a bronze medal in the category ‘Innovation: fruit’ with their Grapefruit IPA. “That is a fruity IPA with added grapefruit”, says Sander. Ronald says: “It was the first time that we used this method to give a beer some extra flavour, we’re very happy that people liked and enjoyed the beer!”

Because of the coronavirus the annual award ceremony could be followe through a livestream. The reaction of the team of vandeStreek bier can be watched in a video on the Facebook page of the brewery.

The Dutch Beer Challenge is a annual beercompetition where Dutch breweries can win medals in different categories.