International Craft Beer Festival Berlin 2014

29 July 2014

Together with the boys from Kompaan bier we went to Berlin last weekend, to join the Global Craft Beer Brewers Congress and Festival, organized by the GACBB.
During the congress we both took part in the juries for the Craft Beer Awards and there we tasted and judged a lot of fantastic beers. The next day, during the festival, Ronald joined a panel discussion about the definition of ‘Craft Beer’, together with the founder of the Harpoon brewery from the USA and Sebastian Mergel from the Bierfabrik in Berlin. Maybe you can guess the results of this discussion: we didn’t come to a conclusion.
The day of the festival it was nice and sunny, and with more than 1500 visitors and empty kegs of beer by the end of the day it was a great success.
In the award ceremony our friends from Pyynnikin Kastolamiskspanimo won a gold medal in the porter category – well-earned!