Can you hear the Imperial Coffeemarch coming?

6 November 2019

We love our coffee. In the morning to wake up and to keep us going all day at the bottling line. And we love coffee in our beer! That’s why we are brewing the Dark Roast for years now: a coffeestout with roasted malts and coffeebeans. The result is a deep and balanced beer which tastes great while sitting at a crackling fire.

This winter we’re preparing our favorite stout even better for the cold. With a thick fur hat and a higher ABV of 10,5% the Imperial Dark Roast will keep you warm. So stay outside and enjoy a campfire.

The Imperial Dark Roast is available bottle from mid-November. Don’t want to wait that long? On the 8th & 9th of November you’re the first one to drink it from draft in our own taproom.

Imperial Dark Roast