Hop Art #5 – Black IPA

10 October 2014

When we rolled out the competition for designing labels for the Hop Art series we could only hope for original and creative entries like this one. Bam! a black pint in your face! And what’s around it? Dotted lines, little hearts, birds, a rabbit, a snake?
Lucy Francis, the artist who made this piece of art created this work in negative colors of the final result, so with a black pen on a white piece of paper.

When we saw this label we immediately knew this had to be used for a black beer. And what kind of black beer fits better in a Hop Art series than a black IPA?

The basis of this beer is a fairly standard IPA recipe with loads of classic American hops like Chinook and Cascade in the bitter, aroma and dryhop. To that recipe we added a bag of Carafa special III (black malt) to make the beer black and give it some more malty bitterness.

Can you taste that this beer is black with your eyes closed?

As of this week Hop Art #5 is available, so ask for it at your local vandeStreek bier shop or bar!