Hop Art #4 hits the shelves

5 August 2014

The design that we received from Jonathan Wanders with all its bright colors immediately drew our attention when we first saw it. He calls the work ‘couleur locale’. While he was designing he envisioned Hop Art in the spotlights behind a bar in a trendy club.
We embraced that idea and made it an Urtyp Pilsener. First of all, an Urtyp pilsener contains a lot more hops than a ‘normal’ pilsener. Secondly because we were in the mood for joining Jonathan in his trip to this trendy club (if that club would have something better than an industrially mass-produced pilsener) and thirdly: Urtyp is a cool beer style and gives us a nice brewing challenge.
Almost everybody who drinks beer mainly drinks pilsener. So everybody knows how a pilsener should taste. Additional loads of Saaz hops on top of that make this a balanced, bitter fruity Bohemian pilsener.

We’re not sure if you’re going to find this one in all kinds of trendy clubs, but be sure to get some at your local bottle shop or bar!