New core range beer: Hazy Weekend

30 January 2020

Hazy Weekend is de newest addition to our core range beers. Next to Turf ‘n Surf, Broeders, Hop Art, Playground and Fruit Machine this New England IPA will be availlable the whole year round. This beer is Hazy, Juicy and has a nice abv of 6,6%.

Hazy Weekend is onze nieuwe New England IPAAlways different hops

We only brew Hazy Weekend on mondays, when our brewers are still a bit hazy from last weekend. To start the week off with a smile, they grab the best, tastiest and freshest hops they can find. Every batch is brewed and dryhopped with different hops. Because of that every can will be a new experience; we will make one promise to you though: it will always be juicy. By the way, we don’t keep the hops a secret; it will be written down on the bottom of the can.

Always on can

During two inspirationtrips to the United States the past years, we drank a lot of New England IPA’s. What we tasted at the American craftbreweries laid the foundation for what Hazy Weekend is today. Just like the beers we drank in America, we put Hazy Weekend in cans. This will preserve the fresh fruity tastes of the hops longer and better.

Next to can, this New England IPA will also be availlable on keg. So go out and ask your favourite bar to put it on tap!