“GO AHEAD, TAKE THE RISK” RISky Business – Russian Imperial Stout

2 May 2018

Who would have expected such a great outcome, two brother that started brewing in a small kitchen in 2010 would end up in a huge brewery with an arsenal of beers and tastes. To celebrate 5 years of the brewery we’ve brewed three new beers, among them this Russian Imperial Stout.


RISky Business is a black stout of 13% alc. vol. for which the Russian Tsar would even bow for. Filled with aromas of chocolate, caramel, blue berries and roasted malts. During the brewing process we have mashed not one but two times. Mashing is the extraction process of malt sugars in warm water so they can be fermented later on. With RISky Business we’ve doubled the process to have a large amount of sugars and taste in this beer. The yeast had worked really hard to ferment and to produce the high alcohol percentage. The result is a full body, a nice maltiness and high alcohol percentage which it not immediately noticeable.


We recommend to not drink this beer too cold so you can discover all the flavours in it.


This batch is filled in aluminium cans. While cans have a bad image in The Netherlands, it actually is better for the beer quality. The beer keeps its freshness and stays super tasty much longer because aluminium blocks all (sun)light and air.