Fresh beer from draft at home? Why you should get a ‘Growler’ too!

31 May 2016

Fresh drafted beer to take away, is that possible? It is possible and now also in the Netherlands it is closer than you may think. You can have one fresh from tap at home by filling up a so called ‘growler’!Growlers

Growlers come in many sizes and shapes. They are made out of glass, ceramics, plastic or tin and have one thing in common – they are made to tap fresh beer into. Depending on conditions this beer will stay fresh for several days up to a few weeks. Ideal to take to the park directly or bring along when visiting a friend instead of that age old bottle of wine you might normally show up with.

Growlers seem to be a trend coming from the US where small breweries and bars can fill your Growler with your favourite brew – allowing you to drink it that very night at home. However, filling beer in a reusable – take – away container is also an age old tradition of our friends in Germany.

In Amsterdam it all started when some beery spots like Craft & Draft, the Beer tree and now also van Bieren. We are very proud that van Bieren  has opened shop in Utrecht too and will have Broeders, our wheat blond on the ‘growler station’. So – run to the Nachtegaalstraat and get your hands on a fresh growler for the park, dinner, on your balcony or simply on your couch.