Flatten the dip: support local and small business

2 April 2020

The measures against the coronavirus will be in force until at least the 20th of May. Because of this a lot of companies will get in financial trouble. In partiular the hospitality sector and companies that depend on the hospitality will see a dip in their revenue. These business will only survive this crises with your help! Let’s flatten the dip. 

We are a healthy business. We grow fast and because of that rapid growth, we are not eligible for a lot of the government support. At the same time our revenue has decreased with almost 70% the last month. Only with your help we and other business like ours can survive this crisis and keep our staff employed.

We and a lot of other companies did a lot of work the past few weeks. A lot of restaurants started a delivery-service a local breweries and other small specialized business started a webshop in no time. It is important that you, as a consumer, will make use of these new possibilities.

Flatten the dip

A dip in revenue and cashflow is inevitable. Toghether we can flatten that dip. Order a meal at the local restaurant in your street, order a case of beer at your favourite brewery or liquor store. Everytime you place an order at a local business, you are helping to flatten that dip.

Flatten the dip support your locals

This graphic needs no explanation. With a to deep dip in cashflow, local and small business will not survive this coronacrisis. These are the companies that bring colour and diversity in the city, these companies fill your glass or plate with unique flavours and they’re creating jobs.

How can I help?

It depends on the type of business how you can help. Ask them about it! Here are some of our tips:


  • Not feeling like cooking today? Check if your favourite local restaurant is open for delivery or take out!
  • Do you want to drink a good craft beer from home? Order at small independent beer stores, liquor stores or directly a the breweries.
  • Buy a voucher at a pub or restaurant, this will keep their cashflow going for now.
  • Spread the word! The more people who are aware of their influence, the bigger the chance de small and local business will survive this crisis.