“COME ONE DANCE WITH US” Bollywood Guru – India Style Lager

27 March 2018

Together with our dear friends of Oersoep from Nijmegen we’ve finally done a collaboration on a sunny spring day! Our first lager and also bottom-fermented beer in the brewery with Hüll Melon, Comet, Cashmir and Columbus hops where you spontaneously start dancing from – at least we do.

High in alcohol volume (6.5%) and so packed with fruity aromas to almost call it an IPA, but it’s still a lager. The difference between a lager and an ale is that a yeast of bottom-fermentation is used in a lager.


There are two types of yeasts: bottom- and top-fermenting ones. Bottom-fermenting means the fermentation takes place at a relatively low temperature (7-14 degrees Celsius) and top-fermentation takes place at a high temperature (15-25 degrees Celsius). There’s also a difference in how the yeast behaves in the tanks. A bottom-fermenting yeast has to sink to the bottom and a top-fermenting yeast stays afloat. Because of the fact that the sinking takes more time the beer also has more time to mature, this process also adds to other flavours in the beer. The lager ends up more “crispy”.