“COME FLY WITH US!” Zero Gravity – Brut IPA

23 August 2018

Levitate in the clouds with the Zero Gravity Brut India Pale Ale. We know it’s a mouthful, but it’s also amazing!


After the Double, Hazy and super fruity India Pale Ale it’s now time to variation to this list: Brut IPA. The Brut IPA has an extremely dry character by adding a special enzyme which breaks down complex sugars so the yeast can ferment them all.

This is a relatively new and innovative technique in the brewing world to retain interesting flavours, brewed first in San Francisco and steadily taking over the world.


The result is a super dry beer with hoppy aromas and bitters which are well present due to absence of maltiness. The Simcoe, Amarillo, Waimea, Ralau en Citra hops come out even better now. An amazing and new sensation which reminds us of champagne with a nice amount of hops, pretty brut right!?