“BOOM, SPLASHHH” Splash – Session IPA

20 April 2018

The winter’s over, the sun is starting to shine longer what a better time to celebrate it with Slash. Splash is our session IPA, super fresh, light and drinkable. As if you jump in a pool of pure pleasure!


To enjoy all these upcoming temperatures, more sun hours and this beer we’ve kept the alcohol percentage pretty low (4.0%). With addition of Palisade, Zythos, Horizon and Simcoe hops, the beer has aromas that remind of the first days of spring.


But what does Session actually mean? Session itself is not a beer style, but a name for beer that does not contain much alcohol. English factory workers had so called “Session Breaks”. During these breaks they wanted to enjoy their beer, but to prevent accidents it had to be of low alcohol percentage.