Best and most tasty Milk Stout

12 April 2016

Last weekend we have won the first price at the most awesome Groningen beer festival with Cappuccino, our milkstout version of Dark Roast – our core range coffee stout. For the festival only we have made a very lmited amount of this special brewski.

The cool thing about this challenge is that the beer is tasted by both a jury as well as consumers and off course we only brew our beers for them (you!)!

In Dark Roast Cappuccino we add lactose (milksugar) after brewing the beer. Lactose doesn’t ferment and it gives a beautiful round, light sweet and full taste to this beer. Started as an experiment we found out that the lactose binds the flavours in this beer together in an amazing way, making it softer and rounder. We are proud that both jury and consumers have been able to taste ánd love this!


The second price goes to our friend from het Uiltje and the third price was awarded to D’olle Grieze Milk stout, brewed by all brewers from Groningen in a collab. Of course Dark Roast Cappuccino edition was sold out within hours – next year we will bring some extra kegs for your thirsty throats!