Beer is art – your art?

1 November 2013

“We consider mixing the right combination of natural ingredients to make a tasteful beer a form of art.”

In 2014, we’re creating a series of specialty beers around the statement “Beer is art”.  We’re looking for creative people to make great designs for our “Hop Art” series. 

What’s the idea?Christian Nyampeta
We’re launching the Hop Art series with the presentation of the first edition: ‘Hop Art #1’. Hop Art #1 is inspired on our collaboration with Casco and Christian Nyampeta, for the project ‘How to live together’. Together with Christian’s we’ve incorporated his artwork in the label design.

What do we expect of you?
Are you a graphical artist, designer, photographer or are you just good at drawing? Send us your artwork, a photo of your artwork or a graphical design / concept that we could use on our Hop Art labels.

What’s in it for you?
If we choose to use your design as the label for one of our Hop Art beers, of course that’ll mean visibility for your project or activities. It also means that your work will be printed onto 1.500 – 3.000 beer bottles, including your name and a reference to your (other) work. And last but not least: You’ll get a case of your own beer to enjoy!

All beers in the Hop Art series will also be sold in stores. Therefore we expect your design to be different and special enough to sticks out between other beers on the shelf.

Besides that, we want to keep the series recognizable as vandeStreek bier. Winning designs should to some extent fit in the existing branding of vandeStreek bier.

Nice! Where can I sign up?
Send your design idea, drawing, photo, artwork or concept to before 1 December 2013, and grab the opportunity to see your artwork in stores in 2014!

Open files
As mentioned above, we don’t expect you to send us a completely worked out beer label. However, if you want to take our branding as a basis, you can download the open files here.