Hop Art without a number, what to expect?

30 October 2014

After all the Hop violence in the Hop Art series we came to the conclusion that Hop Art deserves its own place in our range of beers. Brewing is an art and the more art in your fridge the better it is.

Hop Art is a blonde – all malt – IPA of 5% that bursts out of its seams with American Hops. We did not choose a ‘best of’ of the hop art series, no we brewed a new beer again. Of course there are similarities with the beers that made up the series. You might say it is a blonder version of Hop Art #2 with hops used dominantly in Hop Art #5.

65 IBU, 3 American hops giving  Mango, Citrus, Passion fruit and a hint of Peach flavors and with its 5% it is a real all day IPA.

For the label we unleashed Sly (check out more on A big hop cone with hand drawn letters which fall outside of the lines. After all, the Hop Art series is all about drawing outside of the lines.

Ok, enough – get me a pint!

Hop Art