6% Extra Herfst – Autumn is coming

23 September 2014

After 6% Extra Lente and Factor 4 we have also brewed an seasonal autumn beer! Packshot6extraherfstIf we brew an autumn beer it doesn’t have to be a bock. We think about how autumn tastes to us and we translate that to the beer.

By the name of 6% Extra Herfst we brewed a hoppy autumn beer which we aged on oak. On top of a very malty base we added a nice layer of hops. To create balance between malt and hops we aged the beer on oak, bringing all flavors together.

For the red-brownish color we used Munich II malts as a basis, just like in many bocks, which we complimented with Cara malts.

Hops are from the UK, US and Germany. The bitterness of 6% Extra Herfst is subtle with 40 IBU but with 8 grams per liter Aroma hops you will pick up on those real well.

There might be many reasons why 6% Extra Herfst is not a bock (too hoppy! not a lager!) – there is no reason to drink it throughout the fall.